Resonance 공명

The word “Resonance” comes from the Latin words resonare (re-sound) and resonantia (echo).

A “re-sounding” or “echo” is the essential element to resonance, whether that echo is the result of an actual physical reflection, of feedback in an analog filter, or the result of you and a friend “bouncing” ideas off each other.

To some, the theme will bring to mind the resonances of a room, a loudspeaker, a microphone or of a physical musical instrument.

For others, it suggests a resonance constructed via feedback through microphones to control a signal being fed into the space (and other ecosystemic setups).

Others will be reminded of the resonance control on an analog synthesizer filter — how it works, how to use it, how to emulate it in the digital domain.

Some may focus on ideas or themes “reflecting” back and forth among improvisation partners, perhaps building up motivic “resonances” over longer time scales.

And others may identify with the way certain ideas can resonate in your mind, like the sympathetic vibrations of harp strings to a nearby sound.

Resonance originates in sound yet has become a metaphor for reinforcement, sympathy, and recognition in many other spheres. We welcome you to explore any combination of these multiple layers of meaning in your proposals through sound, music, words and live performance!

Please join us in Busan, South Korea as we explore the multifaceted concept of Resonance through talks, workshops, and live musical performances at KISS 2019, 29 August through 1 September 2018 on the campus of Daedong College.


If you have a question about KISS 2019, please contact the organizers. Thank you!  We look forward to hearing from you!