Program Overview

Registration (Thursday before 5:00 pm) Hwabong-gwan B1 Auditorium Lobby
Registration (Thursday after 5:00 pm) Hanwool-gwan 1F D’art Lobby
Registration (Friday) Hanwool-gwan B1 Lobby (in front of elevator)
Keynote Hwabong-gwan B1 Auditorium Room Bb108
Welcome Reception Hanwool-gwan 1F D’art Hall
Morning Presentations Hanwool-gwan B1 Room D119
Workshops Hanwool-gwan B1 Room D102
Palindrome Concerts Hwabong-gwan B1 Auditorium Room Bb108
Evening Concerts Hanwool-gwan 1F D’art Hall
Rooftop Concert & Dinner Hanwool-gwan 1F
Morning & Afternoon Coffee Hanwool-gwan 1F Lobby
Lunches & Dinners Hanwool-gwan B1 Lobby
B1 = Elevator level B1
1F = Elevator level 1

Performance program notes and presentation abstracts
Presenters and Performers Biographies


KISS 2019 events will take place at Daedong College (marked by a purple star in this map):

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